From Newlywed to Homeowner: 3 Lessons Learned

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This real estate agent has become the client… I am happy to report that my husband of 8 months and myself closed on our first home together! Although I have helped dozens of clients find their perfect home, going through the process myself flipped the tables on me a bit. Normally I am the resource and guide for my homeowners, to help them navigate the waters of the real estate process. And though I knew what to generally expect when I was about to embark into home buying, I truly realized that no two deals are alike.

The other epiphany I had through my own home buying process was finding a home is similar to falling in love, it takes compromise, patience and trust!

The three lessons I learned from the first-hand experience of buying a home with my husband are as follows: 

Compromise- In my opinion the key to a successful home buying experience is the same as that in a relationship, and that is be willing to find middle ground. You may have a vision in your mind that you want to be in a certain area, or have a specific type of home. Really look at your lifestyle, finances, absolute needs and determine what it is that you MUST have in a home. Additionally, your MUSTS may not align with your spouse, so comprise really is the name of the game!

Be Patient- As a self-labeled and officially defined Millennial, I am sometimes impatient and want instant gratification. However, in real estate, you can’t just wish the perfect house at the perfect price... especially in this market where we have low inventory, you may need to wait a little bit and find trust in your REALTOR to score the perfect home.

Trust Your Gut- Just like falling in love with my husband and finding the perfect wedding gown, sometimes you know when you know. When we walked into our now home, I knew that it was the one for us… where we would make memories and grow our lives together. Sometimes we try to force finding the perfect fit, if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. And when it does feel like home, embrace it!

So it has hit me… being a real estate agent and being a first time homebuyer gives me a unique perspective to help my clients. Therefore I am going to be sharing with you my stories of home ownership in the first year, including the funny moments. Look for the next edition, “How to put together Ikea furniture and stay married!”

Chronicles of a First-Time Home Buyer: Edition 1