Snuggle Up to Save on the Heating Bill

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I think its safe to say this frigid winter has tempted us all to at least consider moving down south to warmer weather, am I right? And not only has our distain for winter certainly increased…but so have our heating bills. 

As a first-time homeowner, or any homeowner for that matter, the last thing I want to spend money on is my gas bill. So my husband and I thought of an enjoyable (and free!) way to reduce our heating costs…SNUGGLING! 

Ditch the high temperature setting and cuddle up under a nice blanket. Take it a step even further and make a small investment in a heated blanket, I promise you wont regret it!  I’m sure it’s less costly than heating the whole house and an added bonus we came to find is that our dog Mylo cant get enough of it either so the more cuddles, the merrier!